Agriculture and our Maui community are vitally connected. Despite our mild climate and year-round growing season, Hawai‘i imports an estimated 90 percent of its food. Meanwhile, the backs of farmers aren’t getting any younger: On average, farmers in the state are sixty years old. Without teaching about farming it’s difficult for children to grow up wanting to be a farmer.

Our farm school will teach students about traditional gardening, aquaponics, vertical growing and more. Produce will be made available for the enjoyment of parents, neighbors, and the community.

Current hours: 8am-5pm

Parking: Drop off is spread out over an hour period of time – Pick up over a two hour period of time

Acoustical agriculture, using native plants when possible, is used to help minimize sound impact 

How to support us: 
Use the form to email us your letter of support and we’ll print it out. Please include our TMK#230030160000, how you know us (if you do) and why you support our farming preschool special use permit from the County of Maui. We are focused on having a positive impact on education, community and agriculture.

Life Skills Learned by Farming
Work Ethic
Time Management
How to accept things you cannot control
How to enjoy the simple things

Did you know? 1 in 3 bites of food relies on honey bee pollination. Mac nuts, avocado, coffee, citrus, and lychee are just a few of the crops that require honeybee pollination for fruit yield. If you like to eat you need bees!

Top Reasons Children Should Experience Farming
Farming Teaches Kids Where Their Food Comes From
Farming Teaches Kids Responsibility
Farming Teaches Kids How to Care for Animals
Farming Teaches Kids Life Skills
Farming Teaches Kids Safety Skills
Farming Teaches Kids to have a Greater Appreciation for Food
Farming Teaches Kids the Life Cycle
Farming Teaches Kids to have a Greater Awareness Weather and Mother Nature
Farming Teaches Kids that Hard Work Results in Sweet Rewards